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Clear Signs Your Vehicle’s Windshield Needs Replacement

Your windshield is to your visual navigation what your engine is to your car’s mobility. It should be reliable, sturdy, and defectless. However, many car owners often turn a deaf ear to massive red flags that point to a compromised windshield, which in turn needs replacement. So, how do you know that your car is long overdue for that much crucial windshield replacement? Here are some indications from your regular auto glass repair and replacement service, Miracle Auto Glass Company.

Blocked View

As far as windshields are concerned, there is no such thing as a minor chip, discoloration, or crack. Your safety on the road hinges on split-second decisions, and in case you mistake a windshield chip for another vehicle in your ‘blind spot,’ the resultant overcorrecting can result in an accident. Cracks, particularly spider webs, usually wreak havoc with the driver’s vision, more so in bad weather. Simply put, ignoring windshield replacement will escalate your already limited ability to see well in blizzards or storms.

Inspection Renewal is Imminent

The Winter Was Harsh to Your Windshield

Your car is bound to fail a vehicle safety inspection if it has windshield damage, huge chips, and cracks since it is liable to affect your view. Instead of hoping and praying that the windshield damage isn’t significant enough to end up in a failure report (the chances are high that it’ll fail!), it makes sense to replace your windshield in advance. Apart from saving time, there are also extra fines and charges arising from failure and expired stickers.

Winter can be pretty harsh on not only humans but also vehicles. Imagine salt, hail, and temperature pressures of snowing; your windshield can be in for a rude spell. If your windshield is compromised by chips and cracks, continuous and unrelenting fluctuations in temperature will broaden the fissures and, in worst-case scenarios, destroy the glass.

Evidence of Pitting

If you drive every day or regularly on high-traffic roads, your auto glass will be exposed to lots of flying debris like tiny sharp rocks and gravel tossed by other motorists. With time, this will result in pitting on your windshield, and this is usually clearly visible at dusk or dawn. These tiny pits scatter any reflected light and make it difficult for the driver to focus clearly on the road. Also, in rainstorms, the pitted glass usually fails to get rid of water fast, which can be a safety risk, especially if the state of the road is already poor.

Other indicators that your car needs a new windshield include a white haze at your windshield’s edges and a missing section of your windshield! As your number one auto glass repair and replacement service, Miracle Auto Glass Company is concerned with your safety on the road. Make a date with us, and we guarantee you first-class auto glass services.