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How to Clean Broken Door Glass From Your Car

There are several methods to clean broken door glass. Masking tape works best, but you can use any other materials you may have on hand. Sweeping […]

When Should You Replace Your Windshield

You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of windshield repair. But do you know when to replace your windshield? This article covers four important factors to […]

Easy Do-it-Yourself Car Window Tinting Project

Tinted windows are stylish and useful. The tint films on car windows give a car a sleeker look. The films also offer protection against harmful UV […]

Why Window Visors are Great for Cars

There are many products that can be used to customize a car, and window visors are one of them, according to Driving.ca. Window visors have been […]

How advanced safety tech affect car repairs

According to Consumer reports, average prices for minor collision repairs have become pricier as collision shops contend with repairing and recalibrating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). […]


As drivers on the road, we are always cognizant to minimize damage to our vehicles. It seems we are doing the best to keep anything from happening but […]

What you need to know when getting your auto glass repaired or replaced

Glass is one of the most at-risk parts of the car, which is exactly why some car insurance providers offer no deductible windshield glass replacement as […]

Damaged Auto Glass: Should You Repair Or Replace It?

If your car windshield or window was recently damaged, your defiantly wondering how much it’s going to cost you, and if it needs to be repaired […]

How To Find The Best Auto-Glass Company In Your Area

Your vehicle’s auto glass takes up 4/10th’s of the automobile’s entire cosmetic frame.   Which is why choosing an Automotive Center or Auto Glass R&R Service […]