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What Happens When Windshield Damage is Not Fixed Immediately

Windshield damages like chips and cracks should not be ignored.  Windshields damage can happen because it gets hit by a rock or a tree branch, and […]

Windshield Tint Standards in Texas

When having a windshield replaced, there is also an option to add a sunscreening device. There are certain requirements in Texas when it comes to adding […]

Insurance Coverage for Golf Ball Damage to Windshield

When a golf ball hits the windshield of a car, a repair or replacement job is needed to fix the problem. According to, insurance will […]

Who is Liable for Road Debris Windshield Damage?

A crack in the windshield caused by a rock is a huge problem. It is very possible that the crack damage is extensive and will lead […]

Insurance Coverage for a Broken Windshield Repair

When a windshield becomes damaged, it is strongly recommended to have it repaired or replaced immediately. A windshield not only shields occupants of a car from […]

Factors That Damage Windshields and Repair Coverage

Windshields are made of tough glass layers but they can still be damaged because of several factors. One of them is road debris. Any object that […]

Things To Remember When The Windshield of a Car is Broken

Driving can become a dangerous task when the windshield of a car is broken. When the damage in the windshield is within the line of sight […]

Problems That Cause the Windshield to Crack

There are many things that can cause the windshield of a car to crack. A crack can worsen over time and can lead to either repair […]

How Weather Conditions and Temperature Changes Can Break a Windshield

Weather conditions are common causes of windshield damage. The weather in Texas can become unpredictable. And, there is always a chance that the windshield of a […]