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Car Dealers VS Auto Glass Repair Companies: Which are the Best for Windshield Repair and Replacement Services?

When it comes to windshield repair and replacement, knowing who to turn to can be overwhelming and confusing. Do you settle for auto dealerships or auto glass repair and replacement companies? These are 2 different alternatives, and in this article, we’re looking at what makes auto glass companies like Miracle Auto Glass Company a cut above the car dealerships as far as windshield, and other auto glass services are concerned.


The cost of replacing a windshield is one of the greatest concerns for car owners. What sets auto glass repair companies like Miracle Auto Glass Company aside from recognized car dealerships is the cost. According to market estimates, auto dealerships charge $150 to $300 more than auto glass services. Why do dealerships charge more? In most cases, the auto dealers subcontract the glass installation services to auto glass companies who handle the work on-site, and then the dealerships increase the final cost of the installation.

Type of Glass

Keep in mind that the difference in the price of services between auto glass repair companies and auto dealerships is majorly because of the type of glass used. Dealerships charge more to cover the costly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass manufactured by the original supplier and is similar to the one installed on the new car. But you should know that aftermarket auto glass is just as fine as OEM as it matches the same safety and quality specifications as OEM glass.


Compared to an auto dealership, only a professional auto glass repair and replacement company can accord car owners enhanced convenience. Auto glass repair and installation services provide mobile on-site emergency solutions, and this ends up saving lots of time.

Auto Glass Companies Offer Diversity

Any auto glass repair/replacement company worth its salt has a wide array of services for clients. These solutions range from crack repair, replacement of rear and side windows, and new windshield installation.

With a professional and reputable auto glass repair and installation/replacement company at your beck and call, you don’t have to worry. At Miracle Auto Glass Company, we provide 100% customer satisfaction, accompanied by superior glass services that you can’t find anywhere. Call us anytime for mobile auto glass repair or installation services, or come to our shop.