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However careful you are with your vehicle, some types of auto glass issues are not avoidable. At times, you’ll notice chips and cracks on the windshield that seemingly appear out of nowhere. But the fact is the majority of auto glass problems are a result of sheer neglect.

Neglect includes not following the car in front at a safe distance, safe parking habits, among other issues. But are you aware there are simple habits you can embrace to safeguard auto glass? Miracle Auto Glass Company, your all-time auto glass experts, breaks it down for you.

De-ice Your Vehicle’s Glass Safely

Deicing auto glass may not look like much, but one wrong move can cause glass damage. If you are in the dark about how to safely deice your car, the specialists at Miracle Auto Glass Company have got you covered. The first and most basic rule is never to use non-plastic tools for the scraping job.

Always Park in Sheltered Areas

By parking out in the open, various objects can hit your windshield. Hail, flying objects, and many other objects will devastate your windshield in case they hit hard. To avoid cracks on the auto glass, ensure that you park in covered spaces. Whether car tents or carports, they offer more protection than nothing at all.

Follow the Three-Second Rule

A great way to give windshield repairs a wide berth is keeping a safe distance between the vehicle in front and yourself. Ensure that there is a three-second gap between both cars. And in case the driving conditions are pathetic, increase the distance to five seconds to be on the safe side.

Keep off Graveled Roads

Although graveled roads are the worst experience for your vehicle, they are not the best thing either. If possible, avoid places where trucks are distributing gravel on the roads.

The tires of the car in front of you can kick back tiny gravel pebbles right at your windshield. Another thing- in case there is a gravel truck driving ahead of you, give it a wide berth.

 In Case Your Windshield Has Chips, Drive Carefully!

If your auto glass has small cracks or chips, the damage can rapidly escalate if you’re careless. Although speedy auto glass care is the recommended method of preventing increased damage, it is sometimes impossible to get to our Miracle Auto Glass Company shop fast enough.

In this case, drive extremely carefully; keep off potholes and gravel-filled roads. Also, don’t unnecessarily hit your brakes or sudden forceful actions that can add more stress to the windshield.

Miracle Auto Glass Company is Just What You Need

When you need auto glass replacement or repair, the Miracle Auto Glass Company’s doors are always open. We are well-versed with auto glass services for all kinds of vehicles. We have a proven track record of excellent service provision, and we would love to hear from you today!