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5 Reasons Why Power Windows are Malfunctioning

With power windows, people can open or close the window of their car with just a push of a button. There was a time when drivers and passengers of a car needed to manually open a window by rotating a crank. Power windows offer a number of conveniences that crank windows do not. Today, virtually all cars that are manufactured have power windows. But like other car parts, power windows can also malfunction and cause problems. An electrical problem with the electric motor or the vehicle can make a power window stop functioning. It is advisable to seek the help of an (auto glass repair) mechanic when the problem occurs. What other things can cause power windows to stop working besides an electrical problem? An article on Oards.com enumerates five common reasons of a power window malfunction.

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1. Window Regulator

A window regulator is the mechanism that makes it possible for windows to move up and down. There is one window regulator for every power window. A broken window regulator makes it impossible for a window to move with a push of a button. When it happens, the regulator must be replaced.

2. Window Motor

The window motor of a power window supplies electrical energy to the window regulator , which then moves the window. When there is a problem with the window motor, there is no electrical energy available to move a window.

3. Snowy and Icy Conditions

Snow and ice can jam a power window because the glass window will stick to its frame under extreme cold condition. A window regulator is not always effective in making a power window move when it is stuck to its frame under such condition. Even if the regulator can remove the window from being stuck, it can get worn out a lot faster.

4. Power Switch

Regular use or aggressive touch can wear the power switch out to a point that it stops working properly. A malfunctioning power switch is the most common reason why a power window is not moving. Power switch replacement is inexpensive.

5. Wiring

The series of wires which run between a power window switch and a window motor can get damaged and cause a power window to stop moving. A repair of another component in a power window, for instance, can damage one of the wires, so another repair job becomes necessary. Mechanics usually know how to fix other glass parts aside from (broken windshields), so they are adept in handling power windows problem.

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