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4 Ways Are To Protect Your Windshield

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The first and foremost reason cars have windshields is to secure the driver and the passengers inside the vehicle from dust, debris, and other environmental hazards. But these are the visible reasons which anyone could point out, right? So, is there any other purpose for the windshield? Yes! There is, and it is the most vital one. Did you know that in case of any accidents, the driver along with the passengers could have been out the car, if there weren’t a windshield installed in the first place? Therefore, the front auto glass is one of the essential things in your car, which sure needs good protection. So if you are looking for windshield repair in San Antonio, give us a call. Here are a few great ways to protect your windshield.

1.     Safe Driving

It is not uncommon to find objects falling out of the cars all the time. From food wrappings to disposable coffee cups, anything can hit your windshield and could put a crack on it. So, safe driving doesn’t mean to be in your lane and to follow the speed limit, but it also means to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. So if anything similar happens, you could get sufficient time to react.

2.     Shade Your Car in Summers

Any change in temperature can cause your windscreen glass to contract or expand. And with time, excessive sunlight can weaken your vehicle’s front glass, and you begin to search for windshield repair. This mostly happens in summers, therefore, you should always pack your car with good quality shades, as they can prevent extreme heat rays to hit your windscreen directly.

3.     Replace Your Wiper Blades

Believe it or not but wiper blades play an important role in the durability of your windshield. However, they need to be replaced with the new pair after every 3 months otherwise they can damage the windshield by putting needless pressure on certain areas, as they lose their original shape due to frequent use. There are several consequences if they are not replaced at the right time such as, weakening of glass and leaving cracks on it.

4.     Say No to Chemicals

If you want your car’s windshield to have a long life, then avoid using harsh chemicals whenever you are washing it. It is better to use approved products by the automakers, and if it’s possible, then the most authentic way to clean your windshield is to prepare a homemade cleaning solution by simply combining water with vinegar.

All these protective measures can give a new life to your windshield. However, if you find any serious damages or cracks, then it is suggested to get your windshield repair in San Antonio by professionals at our glass center.