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3 Types of Windshield Damage You Have to Take Seriously

Your car’s windshield offers structural support for the machine and crucial protection for the occupants. What if the windscreen gets chips and cracks? This can significantly put lives at risk. While many car owners view minor glass repairs as inconsequential, in essence, it can be a matter of life and death.

Today, the auto glass specialists at Miracle Auto Glass Company are looking at three kinds of windshield damage that you can’t afford to overlook.

Bullseye Cracks

As the name suggests, bullseye cracks are similar in appearance to the bullseye in dartboards. Furthermore, they have a noticeable impact point that’s circular-shaped. Bullseye cracks result from direct impact to the glass from both small and large objects.

If there is another impact or increased pressure, bullseye cracks tend to spread, not only impede your vision but also wreaking havoc to the soundness of the glass. So, when will the glass experts at Miracle Auto Glass Company recommend windshield repair services for bullseye cracks?

  • When the crack is an inch or less in diameter
  • When the crack isn’t directly in the driver’s line of vision
  • There is no debris and dirt ground into the bullseye crack

If there are small bullseye damages, getting quick windshield repair is essential to prevent more damage. But if the bullseye damage is severe, windshield replacement is the answer.

 Edge Cracks

Edge cracks start around 2 inches from the edge of the glass and extend right to the edge. These kinds of cracks commonly form due to increased pressure on the windshield’s perimeter and go for up to 1- to 12 inches.

Because of their significant length, even under little pressure, these cracks effortlessly spread, meaning repairs are crucial. If your vehicle’s glass has small edge cracks measuring around 6 inches or less, call Miracle Auto Glass Company for instant repairs. Edge cracks measuring more than that usually call for windshield replacement.

Star Breaks

Star breaks describe a focal point of impact encompassing tiny tentacle-like cracks extending outward. Smaller star breaks measuring around an inch in diameter can be dealt with by windshield repair. But in case of more damage, windshield replacement is recommended.

Just like the bullseye crack, in the event the star break happens in the driver’s line of vision, sometimes repair isn’t enough since it may still obstruct the driver’s sight. Again, here, windshield replacement is advisable.

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Never ignore any windshield damage, however inconsequential it may seem. Whether the damage will result in auto glass repair or replacement, you can depend on Miracle Auto Glass Company to provide five-star services.

We have vastly experienced auto glass technicians at your beck and call to advise you accordingly and put a smile on your face. Call us today for all your auto glass needs.